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The Himalayan Ibex is fairly wide spread through the higher mountain ranges in Baltistan in the Karakoram Range, the Haramosh Range, and the probably the highest population of Ibex now survives in Northern Hunza, specially in the water shed of Khunjerab, and to the east of Khunjerab. In Gilgit, they are still fairly plentiful in Ishkoman, Yasin and Hunza. Further west they occur in the Hindukush range of mountains and throughout Northern Chitral down to about 32 kilometers north of Chitral and in the higher mountain ranges of Chilas and on the slopes of Malika Parbat Mountain. Himalayan Ibex has a wider distribution and is plentiful & its future survival is not so threatened in Pakistan largely to the inaccessibility of its habitat

provided by the very extensive concentration of very high mountain ranges in the extreme northwestern region. Baltistan and Hunza are undoubtedly the strong holds of the Himalayan Ibex in the region today. In the early spring the Ibex are half starved and eagerly seek new sprouting grass when it is available at lower milder elevations. This is the only time when they descend as low as 2450m and are thus much easier to hunt. Any hunting trip in this inaccessible area needs careful planning. A number of permits from local and federal authorities, specially import and re-export licenses for the firearms as well as permits to carry and use these inside the country are required. These often take several weeks to process and must be obtained before the arrival of hunting party in the country. Due to non availability of food and shelter as well as scarecity of fuel and strict control on logging everything needs to be acquired in advance and transported on difficult mountain trails by porters to the base camp. This makes professional planning of the hunting expedition a necessity. Special camping equipment, tents, mess tent, utencils, kitchen, food and fuel is carefully selected by professionals to withstand extreme climatic conditions and to last the duration of the hunting expedition. Experienced mountain guides, hunting scouts, cooks and bearers accompany the expedition to ensure a smooth and efficient operation as well as maximum comfort of the hunters even in the most remote locations. From the base camp hunting scouts and mountain guides assist the hunters in making hunting plans and to establish advance camps closer to the ibex habitat from where scouting and stalking of the trophy animals is done.
Ibex hunting is a very demanding venture and due to the ruggedness of the terrain and remoteness of this region huters must be in top form. However in the event of an accident or illness helicopters can be acquired for evacuation of casuality.
All this requires advance prepration. The hunt organizers must know that there altogather twenty hunting permits are issued each year for the entire Northern Pakistan . The organizers must contact us well in advance with details of their party so that the required number of permits could be acquired in advance.

Hunting Season 15th November to 31st March
Day 1 Arrive Rawalpindi / Islamabad and transfer to hotel in.After a short rest drive to Islamabad , Ministry of Tourism to complete the necessary formalities and obtain permit.
Day 2 Drive to Hunting Area in North of Pakistan . Overnight hotel.
Day 3 Hunting Area: Day at leisure. While staff will make final arrangement for the expedition.
Day 4-10 Hunting Area: Stalking with expert professional guide for ibex trophy Hunt. Overnight in tents. All meals served by camp staff.
Day 11 Drive to Rawalpindi. Upon arrival transfer to your hotel in Rawalpindi.
Day 12 Transfer to airport for your onward flight to abroad.
General Information About Hunting Trips

Hunting Permits:
The permission for trophy hunting involves several fees and contribution towards the local community looking after the game reserve. The current costs for permission to hunt for ibex in the northern Pakistan include:

Permit Cost:
The current cost of obtaining hunting permits from the government is currently US$4000-00 for each ibex. This permit allowsone hunter to shoot one ibex during the winter hunting season starting from 15 th November each year. This amount is deposited much before arrival of the hunter in the country so that all the paperwork could be completed in advance.

Note: This fee is neither refundable in case of no kill nor is it transferable.

Local Community Fee:
The local community incharge of the area where hunt is conducted is authorized to charge a fee from US$4000-00 to US$6000-00 per hunter to allow access to their hunting grounds.
Local Hunting Scouts:
The local communities provide scouts who will guide the hunting party to the various animals in the region. They possess intimate knowledge of the area and the best hunting location at that time. These scouts are carefully selected by Adventure Travel considering their past performance. The hunter is expected to provide a full out door kit to each scout and guide or pay them an appropriate amount in lieu of the kit.

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